Endorsement from Senator Ted Harvey

“Recent years have certainly proved one thing: you and I need more liberty-minded leaders in office.   This is why I’m writing today to ask you to join me in supporting Laura Woods in becoming your next state senator.”

“She is a woman of conviction and has the principled fortitude needed to defend our Constitutional values. ”

“Laura recently received the most votes at the Jefferson County Assembly, but she still faces a tough primary against a well-funded establishment Republican who promises to force a much more liberal agenda.   I don’t know about you, but I believe the fine people in Senate District 19 deserve a rock-solid conservative to represent them in the Senate.”

“Like me, Laura is the grassroots candidate and her strong message and background make her the best choice for State Senate, but now, as she heads into the Primary election, she needs our help. ”


Ted Harvey

State Senator

District 30