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I was born in Kremmling, Colorado, in July of 1961.  I was raised in Steamboat Springs and graduated from high school there in 1979.

I attended Stephens Henager Business College until December of 1980, receiving an Associate’s Degree as a legal secretary. Then I transferred to the Denver Academy of Court Reporting, where I was trained to be a Registered Professional Reporter. I graduated from there in 1982.

I married my husband, Bill, in March of 1983.  We have two sons, Jason who is 28 and Michael who is 25.  We have two beautiful, sweet daughters-in-love and two grandchildren presently, with a third on the way.

I worked as a freelance court reporter from 1982 to 1996. I started with Avery Reporting, covering Bankruptcy court and deposition proceedings. My husband and I formed our own firm in 1990, called Woods Reporting. In 1992 we bought out Avery and merged in Woods, forming Avery Woods Reporting. We still own and operate that business today.

Owning a business and working in the court reporting field helped me to learn how to manage people, as well as how to provide for employee benefits. Hiring and firing, asset acquisition, bookkeeping were also valuable skills learned.  I retired from court reporting on a medical disability in 1996 with bilateral carpal tunnel. This enabled me to be at home with my kids before and after school in their teenage years.

And in 1996, I began an 18-year stint in Bible Study Fellowship. I attended as a class member for 3 years, and then I served as a Discussion Group Leader for 2 years, and then as the Substitute Teaching Leader for 3 years, and in January of 2004 I became the Teaching Leader.  I trained a group of 30-50 leaders every week, and taught the class every Thursday from September through May, which gave me a lot of experience at handling personality conflicts and issues, as well as helped me to learn the skill of being a unifier.

Like a large number of citizens in Colorado, it angered me to watch the Democrats in the Colorado Legislature force their radical agenda on our state in 2013.

No longer being able to sit back and watch the destruction, I ultimately chose to get involved with the recall efforts. I helped with the first Evie Hudak Recall that was suspended so we could drive down to help support the Recall team in Pueblo.

Following the victory in Pueblo, I joined the management team that restarted the second Evie Hudak Recall in October of 2013. I was a member of the issue committee, and I volunteered every day in one form or another. I served as the Retail Liaison, coordinating with the retail locations that carried our petitions, and I was involved with the VFW and American Legion in getting their signatures too.

In the end we were successful in getting Hudak to resign, but now it’s up to patriots like you and me to finish what we started and win back SD 19.

I like to hike, I like to climb Colorado’s 14,000-foot peaks, I like to camp, I like to be outdoors for anything, and I enjoy playing with my grand kids. I like to shoot our guns, and our favorite dates are at the shooting range.

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