Fiscal Responsibility and Government:  I will work to reduce the size and scope of government intrusion into our lives by reducing high taxes, cutting out-of-control spending and eliminating wasteful programs.   Hard-working individuals should not foot the bill for government overreach.

Freedom & Liberty: The United States and Colorado Constitutions are the foundation of our government and the defense of  individual liberties.  The right of law-abiding adults to own and use firearms for hunting and self-protection against criminals should not be limited by liberals who have lost touch with our values.  Government should be kept out of our lives and wallets, and I will always work to increase your liberty and your freedom, not big government.   I will support our Constitutionally-guaranteed right to keep and bear arms and will sponsor Constitutional Carry legislation.

Ending Government Corruption: With cronyism and corruption existing among too many government insiders, I will fight to stop the corrupt union bosses and entrenched bureaucrats who are harming Colorado workers with their selfish schemes.

Faith and family values:    I support the family as the cornerstone to a healthy society to give our children and grandchildren a prosperous future. The First Amendment guarantees the right of everyone to follow their faith and religious beliefs (or non-belief) in any manner they wish without infringing upon the rights of others. Colorado must stop infringing upon the right of families to prosper and practice their faith.

Education:  I believe Colorado families deserve a broad range of educational choices, including but not limited to, tax credits.  While school vouchers might be beneficial, they would need to be government-issued, which could open the door for the government to begin to set requirements on families in order to receive a school voucher.  In short, it is an open door that might lead to government abuse, so tax credits are a better alternative.   And I believe parents, not the legislature, have the right to determine at what age their children should be taught sex education.  I also believe Common Core is bad for our schools, bad for our teachers and extremely bad for our children.

Right to Work:  Union membership should not be a job requirement in Colorado.  I will lead the Senate to pass legislation protecting the rights of workers and fighting against forced unionization.

Energy, Resources, Building:  We must responsibly develop and manage the natural resources of our beautiful state in ways that provide jobs and create wealth, while also protecting the environment. Private property rights are fundamental to successful business, and I oppose excessive government regulations on individuals and their private property.

Life:  All innocent life is sacred and deserves protection and justice. Laura will uphold our State Constitution by opposing the continued use of our tax dollars to fund abortion and euthanasia.

Health Care:  I oppose federal and state government-mandated healthcare. Each individual should be free to choose the options that best fit them and their family. Healthcare reform should include a free market economy where consumers can buy insurance that fits their family without government interference, waste and abuse.

Crime Reduction:  I support the death penalty when justice demands punishment for murderers like the Chuck-E-Cheese killer, Nathan Dunlap, who was granted a reprieve by our Democrat governor. For lesser crimes, I support the elimination of mandatory prison terms for non-violent offenders in favor of proven rehabilitation programs.


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