Endorsement from Mike McAlpine

We had many challenges during our winning recall of former Senator Hudak. We had cold, snow, protestors, late nights, naysayers, and big out of state money. Yet we also had the great joy of making new friends.

For me, one of the very best friends is Laura Woods.

Laura came to work for the recall in the spring and was tireless. When we closed down our operations, she did not miss a beat, and drove repeatedly to Pueblo and Colorado Springs to help them win. She was unstoppable working their recalls, and their elections. Her work contributed to the recall of two of the worst gun-grabbing, constitution destroying state senators Colorado has ever had.

Laura, being a rock-solid constitutional conservative, returned as a leader in the second recall of Senator Hudak. She took great personal risk and signed as a sponsor of the recall petition. Then she worked without pause each and every day. In fact, she collected the first signatures, standing in the snow, until well after dark.

Many of us know Laura, we have heard her laughter and wit on the radio, met her in the office, seen her working doors and at sign and drives. We have found in Laura all the traits which make our country great. She is a true patriot, willing to sacrifice her needs and make a better country for her family, children, grandchildren and for all of us.

Laura has, after much thought and prayer, again chosen to set aside her needs. She has announced she will run for our Senate District 19, Westminster and Arvada. She is truly passionate about finishing the job and returning our District to we, the people.

I would like to take this moment to endorse Laura Woods for Senate District 19.

I, myself, will be working tirelessly to help her on her campaign and I ask you to come back. Let us join together again for this critical effort. With Laura we will have a true conservative represent us and we will win back the Senate.

I know how strong Laura is, but she cannot win without us. So, I am personally asking you volunteer and contribute at Laura’s website.

Yours in Liberty,


Mike McAlpine
Recall Hudak Too Campaign