Endorsement from Sen. George Rivera

I don’t have to tell you that Colorado is at a crossroads. The recall election of 2014 has brought the Republican Party to within one vote of a majority in the Senate and the upcoming election gives us the opportunity to take control of that house of the legislature. During the recall campaigns that took place in Pueblo, Colorado Springs and Arvada thousands of citizens turned out to send a message, that it was time for the Colorado Legislature to listen to the people. Laura Woods was among the core group of organizers and workers who worked tirelessly to bring the recalls to a successful conclusion, not just in the City of Arvada, but in Pueblo as well, and I now have the distinct honor of endorsing her candidacy for Colorado State Senate District 19.

Laura is the type of Republican that is needed in the Senate, a Conservative who believes in and adheres to the principles that our Constitutional rights are sacred, that they must be jealously protected, and that less government is better government. Laura, like me, is not an establishment candidate but springs from the heart of the Grassroots movement that has been sweeping across this great State. She is passionate in her desire to serve the constituents of Colorado State Senate District 19 by being a servant to them and to work diligently at the task of doing the most good for the most people in the District. Please join me in supporting Laura Woods, the fiscal and social conservative candidate for Colorado State Senate District 19.


Senator George Rivera
Colorado State Senate District 3