A beautiful tribute from Cassie Woods, her daughter-in-love …


March 15, 2014

Dear Neighbor, When my mother-in-law, Laura Woods, told me she was going to run for the Senate here in District 19, I began to think of things I could do to help her campaign. It’s true my mother-in-law isn’t just another establishment politician, but she’s a common sense, no-nonsense citizen who cares about you, her neighbor.

She’s a proven business leader with 23 years of experience owning a small business. She understands how to operate within a budget and create jobs. But I want to tell you about Laura as a person. I first met Laura while dating her son, Jason, in 2007.

When Jason and I discovered that we were expecting a child, before marriage, we were petrified to tell our parents. We both had been raised to believe that marriage should come first. But I’ll never forget the night we told Laura and Bill. There was not one moment of condemnation or judgment. We truly felt their unconditional love and support.

After our daughter Addison was born, we moved in with Laura and Bill, and we stayed with them for four years. If you want to test your relationship with your mother-in-law, just move in with her! But I can honestly say that because we lived together, we became better friends than we would have otherwise, and we know each other better than most daughters-in-law know their mother-in-law.

While living with Laura, of course, she provided countless hours of babysitting and child care. We ate together, we socialized together, and we worked together on almost everything just as a family does. My daughter Addison fell deeply in love with Nana and Papa and knew their home as her first home. When we moved out, she said at one point she was going to stay with Nana, and we could go visit her there!

During the time we lived together, Laura was involved as a Teaching Leader in Bible Study Fellowship, and she invited Addison and I to go. During our time studying together, Laura became one of my spiritual mentors, and she continued to take Addison to class even after my work prevented me from attending.

Another benefit of living with Laura was she demonstrated for us how to live on a budget, and even helped us set up our own family budget. What she does in her family and business budget, you can trust her to do with the State budget.

And Nana and Papa still keep Addison on Wednesday nights while I am serving with the Youth Group at our church. Addison has such a special relationship with them that even if Youth Group is canceled, she wants to go to their house anyway!

Throughout the years I’ve been a member of the Woods family, I have known Laura’s unconditional and continually growing love. Without her help in our early years, we would’ve been in very difficult financial times, and instead of judging us or criticizing us, she came alongside to help us.

I am lucky and blessed because my mother-in-law calls me her ‘daughter-in-LOVE’!! I truly believe that Laura Woods will make a great State Senator because she is a woman of integrity and great passion. She believes in the Bill of Rights, not only the 2nd Amendment, but all of the amendments! She believes in and operates from the principles of liberty and will legislate in the same fashion.

She will stand on principle and not be swayed by lobbyists or special interest groups. Laura has led by example in her family, in her community, and in her Bible study. I’m very proud of Laura for going to the Capitol to testify this year already against the voter fraud bill (HB-1164) and for standing up for my rights as a member of her district.

I hope you will join me in voting for Laura Woods for Senate. She will be the voice of the people, she will serve us as citizens just like she’s always served her family, and she will be a good steward of your tax dollars. She will defend your liberty and will never vote in favor of a bill that raises taxes or impacts personal freedom negatively.

Laura will make you proud as a State Senator. I’m proud of her now, and I love her, and I just wanted to help you to get to know her, too. I hope you will vote for Laura at the County Assembly on March 22nd.

Sincerely, Cassie M. Woods

P.S. I know Laura has tried to meet with, or is trying to meet with all of you before County Assembly, but if you haven’t had the chance yet to meet her, please visit her website at LauraWoodsForSenate.org. And don’t hesitate to call her with your questions. She’d love to hear from you.